Neurogenetics of Vocal Communication Group -

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PhD students


Intern students/student assistants

  • Meret Cepero Malo (Masters student)
  • Lisa van de Loo (Student assistant)
  • Katie Foreman

NVC Group


Previous lab members:

  • Martin Becker (PhD student - graduated 2015)
  • Joses Ho (PhD student - graduated 2015)
  • Gulcin Gumus (Masters student)
  • Joana Peters (Intern student 2015-16)
  • Saskia Kuhl (Intern student)
  • Dario Gajewski (Intern student)
  • Nadine Stadtler (Intern student)
  • Sweeny Chauhan (Intern student)
  • Christina-Danae Grivas (Intern student)
  • Ine Alvarez van Tussenbroek (Masters student)
  • Nienke Hoeksema (Masters student)
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Public Outreach Officer
Charlotte Horn