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IWLP 2018 -


Invited Speakers

Gary Dell


 Tuning the blueprint: How studies of implicit learning during speaking reveal the information-processing components of the production system

Herbert H. Clark


 On the logic of speaking in situ

Stefanie Shattuck-Hufnagel



Jennifer Arnold


Reference production: efficiency or communication?

Anna Papafragou


 From conceptual representation to linguistic meaning

Sara Bernolet


What can the bilingual speaker learn us about the generation of surface structures?

Fernanda Ferreira


 Semantic guidance of attention during language production: Evidence from scene meaning- and saliency maps

David Kemmerer


From blueprints to brain maps: The status of the Lemma Model in cognitive neuroscience

Rasha Abdel Rahman


Meaning what we say: Semantic influences on lexical selection

Niels Schiller


Phonological encoding of single words

Marina Laganaro


Phonetic encoding in utterance production

Frank Guenther


Articulating: The neural mechanisms of speech production

N. Bonnie Nozari


Monitoring and control in language production

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