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  • Cutler, A. (2015). Big issues in speech perception: Abstraction and nativeness [Plenary Lecture]. Talk presented at the 18th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences (ICPhS 2015). Glasgow. 2015-08-10 - 2015-08-14.
  • Cutler, A. (2012). Eén taalpsychologie is geen taalpsychologie (Part II) [Afscheidsrede]. Talk presented at the Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen. the Netherlands. 2012-09-20. more >
  • Cutler, A. (2011). Different languages make different listeners [R D Wright Lecture]. Talk presented at the University of Melbourne. Melbourne, Australia. 2011-08-02. more >
  • Cutler, A. (2011). The induction of native listening. Talk presented at NET-Symposium 2011. Utrecht, Netherlands. 2011-03-18. more >
  • Cutler, A. (2010). Alfa/gamma careers. Talk presented at Get inspired! Meeting for aspiring PhDs and postdocs. Radboud University Nijmegen. 2010-06-07.
  • Cutler, A. (2010). As soon as you find words, you can start using language. Talk presented at Talking about language: A one-day workshop to mark the launch of Wortschatzinsel. Georg-August-University Göttingen. 2010-10-22. more >
  • Cutler, A. (2010). Native listening: How the native language shapes listening to speech. Talk presented at Cognitive Neuroscience: New Challenges and Future Developments: BCBL Scientific opening ceremony congress. Basque Center on Cognition, Brain and Language, San Sebastian. 2010-05-21. more >
  • Cutler, A. (2010). Speech segmentation and its payoffs [Colloquium]. Talk presented at The Australian National University. Canberra. 2010-07-23. more >
  • Cutler, A. (2010). The continuity of speech, and the continuous development of listeners' ability to deal with it. Talk presented at CSCA Lecture [Cognitive Science Center Amsterdam]. University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 2010-03-17. more >
  • Cutler, A. (2010). The lowest-level orthographic effect in spoken-word recognition so far? [Keynote lecture]. Talk presented at The Workshop on "Brain, Speech and Orthography". Université Libre de Bruxelles. 2010-10-15.
  • Cutler, A., & Broersma, M. (2010). Competition dynamics in second language listening. Talk presented at Psycholinguistic approaches to speech recognition in adverse conditions. University of Bristol, UK. 2010-03-09. more >
  • Cutler, A., El Aissati, A., Hanulikova, A., & McQueen, J. M. (2010). Effects on speech parsing of vowelless words in the phonology. Talk presented at 12th Conference on Laboratory Phonology. University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, NM. 2010-07-08 - 2010-07-10.
  • Junge, C., Hagoort, P., & Cutler, A. (2010). Early word learning in nine-month-olds: Dynamics of picture-word priming. Talk presented at 8th Sepex conference / 1st Joint conference of the EPS and SEPEX. Granada, Spain. 2010-04. more >
  • Junge, C., Hagoort, P., & Cutler, A. (2010). Early word segmentation ability and later language development: Insight from ERP's. Talk presented at Child Language Seminar 2010. London. 2010-06-24 - 2010-06-26.
  • Tuinman, A., & Cutler, A. (2010). Casual speech processes: L1 knowledge and L2 speech perception. Talk presented at Sixth International Symposium on the Acquisition of Second Language Speech [New Sounds 2010]. Poznań, Poland. 2010-05-01 - 2010-05-03. more >
  • Cutler, A. (2009). Another thing the native language does for you. Talk presented at Workshop, MARCS Auditory Laboratories 10th Anniversary. Sydney. 2009-07-01.
  • Cutler, A. (2009). Cognitive psychology and women's careers. Talk presented at CBU Women in Science Symposium. MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, Cambridge, UK. 2009-10-28.
  • Cutler, A. (2009). L2 speech perception: Some conclusions not to jump to. Talk presented at Sound to Sense Workshop on Issues in L2 Speech. University of the Basque Country, Vitoria, Spain. 2009-09-18.
  • Cutler, A. (2009). Variation induces native listening [keynote lecture]. Talk presented at Australian Linguistic Society Annual Conference: Advances in Linguistic Typology (ALS 2009). Melbourne, Australia. 2009-07-11. more >
  • Weber, A., & Cutler, A. (2007). Knowing what you cannot hear: Knowledge sources for lexical representations in asymmetric bilingualism. Talk presented at 3rd Annual Rovereto Workshop on Bilingualism. Rovereto, Italy. 2007-09-20 - 2007-09-23. more >
  • Weber, A., Cutler, A., Escudero, P., & Hayes-Harb, R. (2007). Exploring the phonological representations in the L2 lexicon. Talk presented at Workshop on Language Processing in First and Second Language Learners (MPI for Psycholinguistics). Nijmegen, The Netherlands. 2007-11-23 - 2007-11-24.


  • Cutler, A., Baldacchino, J., Wagner, A., & Peter, V. (2016). Language-specificity in early cortical responses to speech sounds. Poster presented at the Eighth Annual Meeting of the Society for the Neurobiology of Language (SNL 2016), London, UK. more >
  • Ullas, S., Eisner, F., Cutler, A., & Formisano, E. (2016). Lexical and lip-reading information as sources of phonemic boundary recalibration. Poster presented at the Eighth Annual Meeting of the Society for the Neurobiology of Language (SNL 2016), London, UK. more >
  • Junge, C., Cutler, A., & Hagoort, P. (2010). Dynamics of early word learning in nine-month-olds: An ERP study. Poster presented at FENS forum 2010 - 7th FENS Forum of European Neuroscience, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. more >
  • Junge, C., Hagoort, P., & Cutler, A. (2010). Early word segmentation ability is related to later word processing skill. Poster presented at XVIIIth Biennial International Conference on Infant Studies, Baltimore, MD. more >
  • Junge, C., Cutler, A., & Hagoort, P. (2009). Word segmentation at ten months and word processing at 16 months. Poster presented at Neurobilingualism: Bilingual functioning from infancy to adulthood, Bangor University, Wales, UK.
  • Weber, A., & Cutler, A. (2002). Phonetic discrimination and non-native spoken-word recognition. Poster presented at 143th meeting of the Acoustical Society of America, Pittsburgh, PA. more >
  • Broersma, M., & Cutler, A. (2001). Comprehension of non-native speech: Inaccurate phoneme processing and activation of lexical competitors. Poster presented at 3rd Tutorials in Behavioral and Brain Sciences, Berg en Dal, The Netherlands.


  • Cutler, A. (2010). How the native language shapes listening to speech. LOT Winter School 2010, Amsterdam, Free University (VU). Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 2010-01-18 - 2010-01-22.
  • Cutler, A. (2010). How the native language shapes listening to speech. LOT Winter School. Amsterdam, 2010-01-18 - 2010-01-22. more >
  • Cutler, A. (2009). Second language acquisition. Topic: Segmenting speech. Linguistics unit in the Bachelor of Arts. School of Humanities and Languages, Sydney, 2009-08.

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