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Dan Dediu

My research interests concern the complex relationships between language(s) and genes covering several scales, from the individual, through the population and to the evolutionary.

I use a variety of methods, including computer simulations, phylogenetic approaches, statistical techniques and experiments to probe the genetic bases of language and speech, and their interaction with cultural processes.

Currently I am working on two main topics: quantifying the stability of the structural aspects of language, on one hand, and the biasing effects our speech organs might have on phonetics and phonology, on the other. This second direction is being pursued within the NWO Vidi grant "The influence of genetic biases on the evolution, universal properties and diversity of speech and language".
Function: Senior Investigator
Member of: Language and Genetics Department
Last checked 2015-10-23

Dan Dediu

Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics
PO Box 310
6500 AH Nijmegen
The Netherlands