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I'm interested in how people use language in everyday life — from communicating sensory perceptions to constructing social relationships. I study these topics in depth in societies I know well, and I investigate them from a comparative perspective in collaboration with my colleagues in the Language & Cognition Department.

I contribute to the ERC-funded project Human Sociality and Systems of Language Use, in which we investigate conversational structures in languages around the world. I do regular fieldwork on Siwu, a minority language spoken by the Mawu people in Kawu, eastern Ghana. At MPI I am also involved in collaborative research projects on language and perception, ideophones and sound-symbolism, and synaesthesia across cultures. 

My 2011 PhD thesis was on the meaning and use of ideophones in Siwu. Much of it is summarised in two recent articles on ideophone typology: (1)  Advances in the cross-linguistic study of ideophones and (2) Expressiveness and system integration.

Function: Research Staff
Member of: Language and Cognition Department
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Mark Dingemanse

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