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Michael Dunn

I am an evolutionary linguist, with a background in language description, linguistic typology, and phylogenetics. My current research focus is on the evolutionary processes acting within language and between language and culture: their evolutionary history, the evolutionary dependencies between different aspects of language, and the cultural factors which shape the evolution of language. Since the beginning of 2009 I have been the leader of a Max Planck Research Group "Evolutionary Processes in Language and Culture".

I have a long term research interest in linguistic isolates: the Papuan languages of Melanesia and the Paleosiberian languages of the Russian Arctic, but―because of my interest in reconstructing evolutionary processes―now spend more time thinking about language families, especially Austronesian, Indo-European and Aslian/Austroasiatic.
Function: Associated Researcher
Member of: Evolutionary Processes in Language and Culture Group
Other Affiliations: Research Fellow, Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour
Professorial Fellow, Language Evolution and Computation Research Unit, University of Edinburgh
Research Affiliate, Centre for the Study of Cultural Evolution, Stockholm
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Michael Dunn

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