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Kobin Kendrick

With a background in linguistics and conversation analysis, I consider language to be a resource for collaborative action in interaction. My research examines specific linguistic practices and organizations of practices that speakers of English and Mandarin Chinese employ to form recognizable actions. Topics include final particles in Mandarin Chinese, social epistemics and evidentiality, perception verbs, and the semiotics of timing in English conversation.

In addition to my work on English and Mandarin, as a project coordinator for the Interactional Foundations of Language project, I am involved in a number of large-scale comparative subprojects that examine linguistic and interactional practices across a broad sample of languages.
Function: Research Project Coordinator
Member of: Language and Cognition Department
Last checked 2015-01-23

Kobin Kendrick

Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics
PO Box 310
6500 AH Nijmegen
The Netherlands