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Drongo festival 2015

  • a language festival to showcase research
  • engage the public in a live experiment
  • our team received the Science Live@ Drongo award for the best live experiment

‘Wetenschappelijke doorbraken de klas in’ 2016
As part of the Radboud Science Award 2015, an initiative of The Science Hub Radboud University (WKRU), I was able to:

  • bring our research to the classroom and teach children about language, culture, and the senses
  • work with a group of schoolteachers and help children discover the fun part of doing science, so they could carry out their own research projects
  • develop a workshop, a program for teachers, and give lectures in schools
  • collect a large sample of data on mental imagery and touch ideophones

NEMO Science Museum 2016
Through the Science Live initiative, a research program of the NEMO Science Museum, our team

  • engaged an international audience in our project
  • tested a total of 503 children and adults, aged between 4 and 81 years, from over 23 different countries
  • communicated our research to a broad public
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Patricia Manko

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