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Ingeborg Roete

I am a PhD student in the Language Development group, under the supervision of Marisa Casillas (MPI), Stefan Frank (CLS) and Paula Fikkert (CLS). I started my PhD project in September 2015 with an IMPRS fellowship.

For my MSc thesis I investigated the influence of infant-directed speech using both computational modelling and a behavioral experiment.

My PhD project focuses on how children learn word meanings, and more specifically: what kind of information about word learning can they derive from the linguistic input they receive. In my research I try to link computational modelling and behavioral experiments.

In collaboration with the Pre-University College of the Radboud University, I organize the profielwerkstuk masterclasses for high school students who want to do their final school project on infant and child language research.
Function: PhD Student
Member of: Language Development Department
Other Affiliations: Centre for Language Studies
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Ingeborg Roete

Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics
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The Netherlands