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Summary of PhD-project: Learning language as a dynamic process

Language learning is a dynamic process; the language children hear in their surroundings changes as they themselves become more sophisticated language users. We investigate how the speech children hear from others influences what they say and how, in turn, the speech that children produce influences what they hear from others. This project uses a combination of methods and ideas from statistical learning and interactional pragmatics to try to characterize how the needs of everyday communication shape the ways in which caregivers and children use language with each other, collaboratively forming the foundation upon which children can begin to build up linguistic knowledge. To answer this question we use a combination of computational modeling, observation, and behavioral experiments, all aimed at tracking the relationships between caregiver and child speech in the first few years of life.


I strongly believe that child language acquisition can benefit from combining computational and experimental research methods. Computational models can be used to investigate the processes underlying the behavioral findings from experiments and help us to hypothesize about what is happening during first language acquisition.

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Ingeborg Roete

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