Broad network of interested persons

We have to establish a broad network of interested persons. These are people from the language resource community who are committed in some way to contribute to the eventual goal. This network is open to every member of the community and all suggestions, questions etc will have to be taken up to be discussed. Every member of the network will be asked to persuade other experts from the discipline to contribute. We expect that the network will take the form of a user-group, posting questions, proposals and responses. Contributions will be screened by a moderator to discourage off-topic input. The MPI will provide the server to display the contributions on the web and - in the first instance - a moderator to screen them. At regular intervals the members of the network will be informed about any qualitatively new information that has become available on the pages and will be asked for comments. Anyone will be able to subscribe to the user-group to receive short e-mails about the availability of new information. The web-pages will be open to everyone. Public versions of documents to be discussed will be posted to the web-pages as they become available.

The web-pages will be divided amongst some useful dimensions, if and when this becomes necessary.

Workshops & Conferences

The concept of a universe of meta-descriptions and the progress of work will be presented at workshops and conferences. All members of the network and especially the boards will be asked to help promoting this idea and to mention interesting platforms for discussions.

Steering Board

A steering board has been set up consisting of committed people who are able - to some extent - to represent specific sub-communities and the different European areas. This board will have to discuss the various proposals in detail, comment, and make decisions. Members of this board will have to actively participate in the discussion process. This board has to meet at regular intervals and may ask other specialists for advice where necessary. The work of the Steering Board will be supported by a closed unmoderated email-list-server and a history of comments displayed on protected web-pages.

Technical Board

There will be a Technical Board to help the Steering Board in its decision making process. This board should comprise specialists who understand in detail the technologies involved and have some appreciation of the work going on in other similar communities. The TB will take over certain tasks defined by the SB and make detailed technical reports. The TB is not a fixed group, i.e. new members could be invited to join to contribute on specific topics. The chairman of the TB will be member of the SB as well. The work of the TB will be supported by an unmoderated closed email-list-server. The email-history of the SB will be open to the TB as well and all emails of the TB will be integrated into this history.

Advisory Board

The meta data initiative will have an advisory board which will include international experts from the community, but also well-known experts from related projects and initiatives such as Dublin-Core, RDF/XML-Schema, and MPEG7. It is expected that these experts help to ensure that the resulting proposals are useful for the community, but also maximally coherent with the other meta-initiatives. The members of the AB will also have access to the email history of SB and TB. Also AB commentary will be included in this history.

Official Documents

The publication of Open Documents which can be cited as official notes of the EAGLES/ISLE meta data initiative will be the responsibility of the SB chairman. These documents will be discussed in the SB before publication, and there will have to be a general agreement on basic issues, but the chairman has ultimate responsibility under the terms of the EAGLES/ISLE contract.



Steering Board    
Steven Bird LR Agency LDC, Univ. of Pennsylvania
Daan Broeder Representative of the Technical Board MPI, Nijmegen
Nicoletta Calzolari Lexicon Expert ILC, Pisa
George Carayannis Corpora Expert ILSP, Greece
Khalid Choukri LR Agency ELRA, Paris
Christoph Draxler Multi-Modal Expert Univ. München
Uli Heid Technology Expert IMS, Univ. Stuttgart
Jean-Claude Martin Multi-Modal Expert LIMSI-CNRS, Orsay
Wim Peters Lexicon Expert Univ. Sheffield
Pirkko Suihkonen Corpora Expert Univ. Helsinki, MPI Leipzig
Sven Strömquist Corpora Expert Univ. Lund
Peter Wittenburg Technical and LR expert - SB chairman MPI, Nijmegen
Antonio Zampolli EAGLES/ISLE Chair ILC, Pisa
Technical Board    
Daan Broeder TB Chairman MPI, Nijmegen
Jan-Torsten Milde XML Expert Univ. Bielefeld
Laurent Romary Schema Expert Loria
Advisory Board    
Anthony Aristar Linguistic Resources Expert LinguistList, Ann Arbor, MI
Steven Berman IR Technologies Univ. Stuttgart
Niels-Ole Bernsen EAGLES/ISLE Project Univ. Odense
Gerhard Budin Terminology Expert Univ. Wien
Bernard Comrie Language Typology MPI, Leipzig
Rob Cox Corpora Expert APS, PA
Thierry Declerck    
Makx Dekkers DublinCore Meta Initiative PriceWaterhouseCoopers
Helen Aristar Dry Linguistic Resources Expert LinguistList, Ann Arbor, MI
Arienne Dwyer    
Charles Fillmore Corpus Linguistics Univ. Berkeley
Dafydd Gibbon Speech and Corpus Expert Univ. Bielefeld
Gary Holton    
Jane Hunter MPEG7 Initiative DSTC, Queensland, AU
Nancy Ide CES/xCES Initiative Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY
Stephen Levinson Anthropology MPI, Nijmegen
Brian MacWhinney Corpora Expert  Carnegie Mellon Univ.
Lev Michael     
Boyd Michailovsky Corpus Expert LACITO - CNRS
Ulrike Mosel    
Erik Oltmans MPEG-7 Initiative TI, Enschede
Nelleke Oostdijk   Corpus Expert KUN, Nijmegen
Catherine Pelachaud   U Roma
Stelios Peperidis Corpora Expert ILSP, Greece
Andrei Popescu-Belis Technology Expert ISSCO, Geneve 
Norbert Reithinger    DFKI Germany
Gary Simons Technology Expert SIL
Dan Slobin Corpus Linguistics Univ. Berkeley
Henry Thompson W3C - XML Schema Initiative HCRC, Edinburgh
Caroline Willners Corpora Expert Univ. Lund