3.1. Creating a new profile

From the File pulldown menu, select New Profile…

First select an existing profile as a starting point for your own modified profile. Generally this will be the default profile, the Standard (Session) Resource Bundle. Now click on OK to confirm your choice.

Select Base Profile

Figure 3.1. Select Base Profile

After saving (as usual, File > Save as…) you can choose the newly created profile from the list when creating a new file using File > New….


make sure the profile ends in .Profile.xml, otherwise it will not show up in the list of available profiles.


In version 3.2 of the IMDI editor, the Multiplicity fields are not yet working. For the time being, please ignore them.

For an example of a profile, where the Project ID is restricted to a number and the predefined value 111 is filled in by default, see the screenshots below.

Creating and using a profile

Figure 3.2. Creating and using a profile

  1. Creating a profile

  2. The only content that will be accepted in this field is an integer; its content will be automatically appear

  3. These fields are not yet functional

  4. Enter a custom help text, this will appear in the help baloon for this field.

  5. Using a profile