2.2. Defining languages for your content

ELAN supports the option to define the language or languages that refer to the annotated data. These are based on the ISOcat standard. A tier can have one language reference, whereas a CV can incorporate multiple languages. For more info how to setup a tier, please see Section 2.4.1. How to setup a CV with one or more languages, please see Section 2.6.2.

A screencast is available on Vimeo about setting up multilingual content: https://vimeo.com/126786931

To edit the list of languages you can choose from with a CV or a tier, click Edit from the main menu, and select Edit list of languages.... In the dialog that appears, you will see the current list of languages in the upper pull-down menu. To add a language, choose one from the available languages in the pull-down menu on the bottom of the dialog, and click Add.

Add a language for Multilingual content

Figure 2.5. Add a language for Multilingual content

To change a language, select the language you want to change from the List of languages and choose the new language from the All available languages list. Next, click Change to change the language.

To delete a language from the list, select in the list of languages and click Delete.

When done, click Close to close the dialog.