2.9.6. Creating annotations on dependent tiers

  1. In the main menu, select Tier > Create Annotations on Dependent Tiers.... A dialog appears with a list of independent(parent) tiers.

  2. Select all the parent tiers of the dependent tiers, on which the annotations are to be created.

  3. Click on Next, will bring up this dialog box:

    Create annotations on dependent tiers

    Figure 2.82. Create annotations on dependent tiers

  4. Select all the dependent tiers on which the annotation are to be created.

  5. Select Empty Annotations on a dependent tier to create empty dependent annotations of the parent annotations or select Annotation With Value of Parent to create dependent annotations with the value on the parent annotations.

  6. Check Overwrite the annotation values to overwrite the values of the dependent annotations(if any) with the values of the parent annotation.

  7. Finally click on Finish to create annotations.