2.9.17. Deleting annotations

To delete one annotation, do the following:

  1. In the Timeline or Interlinear Viewer, click on the annotation that you want to delete. It appears in a dark blue frame.

  2. To delete it, do one of the following:

    1. Right-click on the selected annotation. A pull-down menu appears. Click on Delete annotation.

    2. Or click on Annotation in the main menu. Then click on Delete annotation.

    3. Or use the key equivalent ALT+D.

ELAN also gives the possibility to delete multiple annotations: click on Annotation > Delete in the main menu. Now click one of the five menu items:

To delete a number of specific annotations on more than one tier, select those annotations by holding ALT while clicking them. The annotations get a purple border. Then right click in the Timeline Viewer and select Delete Selected Annotations.


Annotations are deleted without further warning.

If you delete an annotation on a parent tier, the corresponding annotations on all its child tiers will be automatically deleted as well. Please make sure that you do not accidentally delete a child annotation. An annotation on a child tier can be deleted without consequences for the annotation on its parent tier.