6.2.2. Playing a document & making selections

CTRL+SPACEStarts or stops the Media Player
CTRL+BGo to the beginning of the video/audio fragment
CTRL+PAGE UPGo to the previous scroll view
SHIFT+LEFTGo back one second
CTRL+LEFTGo back one frame
CTRL+SHIFT+LEFTGo back one “pixel” on the annotation density viewer
CTRL+SHIFT+RIGHTGo to the next “pixel” on the annotation density viewer
CTRL+RIGHTGo to the next frame
SHIFT+RIGHTGo to the next second
CTRL+PAGE DOWNGo to the next scroll view
CTRL+EGo to the end of the media fragment
CTRL+ALT+RSwitch to predefined playback rate
CTRL+SHIFT+RSwitch to predefined volume
CTRL+GGo to time