Branka Milivojevic

My research focuses on how the brain extracts meaning from our experiences. Most daily activities require us to place our experiences in a wider context of what has happened previously so that we can understand what is happening now and anticipate what is likely to happen next. To accomplish this, the brain must relate what is happening now to relevant experiences from the (recent) past. My research suggests that the hippocampus and wider episodic memory system organise events into networks of related experiences in memory, which may form the basis of personal stories. I investigate neural mechanisms that underlie the formation of realistic event and story representations, by leveraging multivariate pattern analyses of fMRI data and naturalistic stimuli, such as animated videos and movies. Using this approach, I have shown that the hippocampus is critical for the integration of individual events into hierarchical story representations, and I am currently using MEG to investigate the temporal dynamics of this form of event integration. Additionally, I have recently started investigating how the brain responds to boundaries between storylines, which is important for structuring ongoing experiences through binding ongoing experiences with relevant event networks in the memory.

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