2012 - Categories of Information Structure across Languages -

Program & Abstracts

Anyone is welcome to come to the workshop. Registration is free but please let us know if you wish to participate: see the registration pages to the left.



Friday 9th November


09:30–09:40 Introduction

09:40–10:30 Nomi Erteschik-Shir: Topic, focus and (in)definiteness pdf-icon

10:30–10:55 Ilkyu Kim: Korean -(n)un, -i/ka, and information structure pdf-icon


10:55–11:25 Break

11:25–12:15 Malte Zimmermann: Predicate Focus: Variation and universal tendencies pdf-icon

12:15–12:40 Vadim Kimmelman: Information structure categories: evidence from sign languages pdf-icon

12:40–13:05 Victor Pan: Categories of information structure: On the syntax and semantics of wh-topics and wh-foci pdf-icon


13:05–14:15 Lunch

14:15–14:40 Diana Dimitrova: Neurocognitive aspects of information structure pdf-icon

14:40–15:05 Nikolaus Himmelmann: Prosodic phrasing and the (non-)universality of categories of information structure pdf-icon

15:05–15:30 Stefan Sudhoff: Contrast as a grammatical category: evidence from German and Dutch pdf-icon


15:30–16:00 Break

16:00–16:25 Natalya Serdobolskaya & Svetlana Toldova: Information structure at odds with discourse factors: evidence from Finno-Ugric DOM pdf-icon

16:25–17:10 Ricardo Etxepare: Basque minimal correlatives: Information structure and distributive quantification.pdf-icon


17:45 Dinner and further discussion of the talks of the first day of the workshop, preparation for the second day



Saturday 10th November


9:30–10:20 M.M. Jocelyne Fernandez-Vest: Information structure of oral languages and typology of detachments pdf-icon

10:20–10:45 Erwin Komen & Bettelou Los: Information state categories based on the Pentaset pdf-icon


10:45–11:15 Break

11:15–12:05 Kees Hengeveld: Informational articulations in Functional Discourse Grammar pdf-icon

12:05–12:30 Lunella Mereu: Initial, post-verbal topics and the universality issue pdf-icon


12:30–13:45 Lunch

13:45–14:10 Dejan Matic & Irina Nikolaeva: Polarity focus across languages

14:10–14:40 Jenneke van der Wal: Tests for focus pdf-icon


14:40–15:10 Break

15:10–16:00 Daniel Wedgwood: Categories and processes: information structure and linguistic analysis pdf-icon

16:00-16:30 Final Discussion

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