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Other-initiated repair -


Languages around the world have ways to deal with problems of speaking, hearing and understanding. For instance, a speaker may replace words within a turn, as in But c’d we- c’d I stay up? Or an addressee may have trouble understanding a reference and may initiate repair using a question word, as in A: Oh Sibbie’s sistuh hadda ba:by bo:y. B: Who? A: Sibbie’s sister. This project is a cross-linguistic study of the latter type, called other-initiated repair (OIR). While initial work on OIR in English has revealed a sophisticated machinery of linguistic formats for dealing with interactional trouble, work on other languages is still relatively sparse. This project is the first large-scale systematic cross-linguistic study of the domain of OIR. We study OIR as a system, focusing on its embedding in larger linguistic and cultural ecologies and its use in maintaining and manipulating intersubjectivity.



Mark Dingemanse
Nick Enfield
Simeon Floyd
Kobin Kendrick
Stephen C. Levinson

PhD students:
Julija Baranova
Rosa Gisladottir
Elizabeth Manrique

Paul Drew

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