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Turn-taking and timing -


The turn-taking system is a fundamental organizing system for language use in interaction. This project examines turn-taking and the precise timing of turns from a cross-linguistic and interdisciplinary perspective, combining insights from the analysis of conversational corpora with experimental and statistical methods. Research in this project addresses the cues a next speaker uses to anticipate or ‘project’ the end of a prior speaker’s turn; the similarities and differences in the timing of responses to questions across languages; the development of turn-taking in infancy and the implications of turn-taking for psycholinguistic models of production and comprehension in real-time interaction.

Read our Research Topic in Frontiers in Psychology: Turn-taking in human communicative interaction.

Sara Bögels
Elma Hilbrink
Kobin Kendrick
Stephen C. Levinson
Francisco Torreira
Connie de Vos

PhD students:
Mathias Barthel

Penelope Brown

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