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Do you associate letters, numbers, days of the week, or months of the year with colours? If so, we would like to invite you to participate in our study.

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In the Language and Genetics Department, we are interested in finding the genetic basis of synaesthesia. Our synaesthesia research program has two branches - a large main study looking at unrelated people with synaesthesia, and a smaller study focused on families with many synaesthetes. The two branches help us to understand synaesthesia genetics from different perspectives. To learn more about synaesthesia, please visit our About Synaesthesia page. If you want to see if you have synaesthesia between letters, numbers, weekdays, or months and specific colours, you can find out quickly using our SynQuiz app

To participate in our main genetics study, follow the directions below under How to Participate Online

If you think your family might be a good fit for our synaesthesia families project, please Project Leader Amanda Tilot. It's ok if your family members have different types of synaesthesia!

Key Information

Our large study focuses on grapheme-colour synaesthesia. The tests ask you to choose the colour that you associate with Letters/Numbers, Weekdays, or Months. 

You do not have to travel to participate. All parts can be completed from home, anywhere in the world!

You do not have to be a native English speaker! If you would like to take the tests in another language, please see the language options at the top of the page. The registration steps are different from the English version, so please follow them carefully. 

This online research study takes about 25 minutes to complete, while our SynQuiz app offers a fun 5 minute version that you can take without participating in the research study. If you want to tell us about your experience with synaesthesia, but our current tests are not relevant for you, simply fill out the survey portion and click Submit without taking the tests. We'll receive your information and can contact you if your experiences are a good match for a future study!

What are the possible risks of taking part?
There are no known risks from participating in this study.

What are the possible benefits of taking part?
Your participation will help us to identify genes associated with synaesthetic experiences, which will greatly enhance our understanding of them, and may also tell us more about how the brain works in general.

Who has reviewed and approved this study?
This study was reviewed and approved by the Ethische Commissie Gedragswetenschappelijk Onderzoek (Ethics Committee, Faculty of Social Sciences) at the Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands. This is an independent group of people who ensure that the dignity, rights and safety of participants and researchers are protected.

Who do I contact for more information or if there is a problem?
If you have any questions relating to this study, please feel free to contact the Project Leader using the information below:

Amanda Tilot, Ph.D.
Project Leader
Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics
Wundtlaan 1, 6525 XD Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Tel +31 24 35 21943; Fax +31 24 35 21213

How to Participate Online*

  1. Make sure you have about 25 minutes free to complete the tests.
  2. Click Join the Study below to open the testing page.
  3. Read the Participant Information Sheet carefully. 
  4. First we ask for some basic information, and for you to tell us about what types of synaesthesia you experience. Then there are 3 synaesthesia tests available, and you can take just the ones that make sense for you.
  5. When you are done taking the tests that apply to you, please click "Submit My Results". 

Click here to join the study!


If your type of synaesthesia is suitable for our study, you will receive an email invitation to provide a small sample of saliva, from which we can obtain your DNA for the genetic studies. To participate in the genetics part of the study, please reply to that email with your mailing address so that we can send you the saliva collection kit. 

*Have you taken The Synesthesia Battery at at some point in the past? You can use those results to join our study! Simply log on to and enter  in the "share your results with a researcher" email field.

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