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Decoding the genetics of synaesthesia -



Research programme coordinator: Dr Amanda Tilot

About this research programme

Synaesthesia is an unusual and intriguing condition sometimes described as a 'mixing of the senses'. A person who has synaesthesia may experience colours when they listen to music, or get a sensation of taste when they hear words. 

Synaesthesia often runs in families and seems to have a genetic basis, but the specific genes involved are unknown. In this research programme we are collaborating with leading synaesthesia researchers in the UK, Netherlands, Germany and USA, to identify the genes responsible and to study their functions in the brain. This work promises to provide the first molecular entrypoints into this fascinating yet mysterious condition.

This work is partly funded by the Hertie Foundation


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SynQuiz - The Synaesthesia App for Mobile Devices!

SynQuiz is our new mobile app that was developed with the help and support of the Language in Interaction consortium. SynQuiz is available for most mobile devices (please not that SynQuiz only supports Android devices with an operating system with version 4.4 or higher).  It allows you to test if you have synaesthesia and also register to participate in our research! The app supports English, Dutch and German!

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Image by Miren Karmele Gomez  © 2015


The above image is an illustration of synaesthetic perception of vowel sounds. Note how the perceptions differ between the illustrator’s native language (Basque) and English.


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