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  • Brown, P., & Casillas, M. (in press). Childrearing through social interaction on Rossel Island, PNG. In A. J. Fentiman, & M. Goody (Eds.), Esther Goody revisited: Exploring the legacy of an original inter-disciplinarian. New York, NY: Berghahn. more >
  • Cattani, A., Floccia, C., Kidd, E., Onofrio, D., Pettenati, P., & Volterra, V. (in press). Gestures and words in naming: Evidence from cross-linguistic and cross-cultural comparison. Language Learning.
  • Cuskley, C., Dingemanse, M., Kirby, S., & van Leeuwen, T. M. (in press). Cross-modal associations and synaesthesia: Categorical perception and structure in vowel-colour mappings in a large online sample. Behaviour Research Methods. more >
  • Dingemanse, M. (in press). Interactive language use as the optimal use of distributed computational resources. Behavioural and Brain Sciences.
  • Tsoi, E. Y. L., Yang, W., Chan, A. W. S., & Kidd, E. (in press). Mandarin-English speaking bilingual and Mandarin speaking monolingual children’s comprehension of relative clauses. Applied Psycholinguistics. more >


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  • Abbot-Smith, K., Chang, F., Rowland, C. F., Ferguson, H., & Pine, J. (2017). Do two and three year old children use an incremental first-NP-as-agent bias to process active transitive and passive sentences?: A permutation analysis. PLoS One, 12(10): e0186129. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0186129. more >
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