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Bat1k consortium

BAT1K is a multinational research collaboration led by Sonja Vernes (MPI), Emma Teeling (UCD), David Ray (Texas Tech), Liliana Davalos (StonyBrook), Thomas Gilbert (University of Copenhagen) and Gene Meyers (MPI-CBG).

The main goal of this consortium is to generate genome assemblies for all extant bat species. These genome assemblies will provide a plethora of ground-breaking data to a vast number of fields, ranging from immunology to conservation genetics. A white paper describing this project and its potential outcomes was recently published in Annual Reviews of Animal Biosciences. The full text can be found here: Teeling et al, 2018

This project is only possible by the mobilisation of bat researchers, volunteers, students, bat lovers and scientists throughout the globe. Any researchers interested in participating or contributing ideas, resources and expertise are invited to sign up to become a part of the BAT1K consortium.

To find out more about the BAT1K consortium, visit our website at, read one of our blogs (BMC blogpost) or follow us on Twitter: @bat1kgenomes.

Enquiries can also be directed to Katharina Foreman (Bat1k assistant) at



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