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Evolution of Semantic Systems -


A research initiative of the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics.

The main aim of the EoSS project is to investigate how meanings vary over space and change over time. We focus on different kinds of categories: containers (kinds of objects), colour (attributes of objects), body parts (parts of objects), and spatial relations (how objects are related to one another). For more background information click here.

This study aims to collect data from 20 participants in each of 50 languages from the Indo-European language family. The project is estimated to run for approximately three years; the data collection phase is planned to take two years starting January 2011.

The project is carried out by members of the EoSS research consortium.

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Principal Investigators

Asifa Majid
Fiona Jordan
Michael Dunn

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Tuong-Van Vu
Wendy van Ginkel
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