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Participation in the Evolution of Semantic Systems consortium provides researchers with an opportunity to be part of an innovative project which addresses core questions in the cognitive and linguistic sciences, evolutionary anthropology and beyond. An additional attraction is the opportunity to make connections with other consortium members, a diverse group whose scientific orientation ranges across the human sciences, and whose geographic location will range across Europe to South Asia.

Collaborators will form part of a research consortium with ongoing communication and academic activities, such as workshops and publication outlets. The list below details the languages we would like to collect data for. If you would like to become involved, or if you have colleagues who may be able to help collect data in an appropriate language, please contact the EoSS Office with your details (

Participation in the consortium offers a number of benefits to researchers and involves commitments from all partners.


Benefits to researchers

Participation in the consortium offers a number of benefits to researchers. Consortium members will be provided with the material resources necessary to carry out the tests, funding for participants and transcription, as well as any necessary advice and assistance required. We will also provide access to a shared bibliography on the domains and the testing materials.  The experimental tasks can be run either by the researcher or a native-speaker student under their supervision.

After the data is collected, consortium members will have immediate access to their own processed data. This data will be archived by the Max Planck Society, with care taken to ensure data is preserved for the long term. Once the first publication integrating analyses across the complete dataset has appeared (projected to be in 2013), Consortium members will have exclusive access to the complete database for their own analyses for a period of time. After that, the database will be made freely available to the scientific community.

We anticipate a series of workshops during the span of the project. These will be language subfamily-specific (e.g. Germanic, Slavic) and/or domain-specific. Consortium members will receive exclusive invitations to take part in these according to their expertise. We expect to develop a publication strategy for these workshops aimed at special issues of appropriate journals, with expert perspective where appropriate.


Your commitments

During the data collection and coding phases collaborators will:

  • Ensure the timely and accurate completion of data collection of 20 native-speaker participants
  • Be committed to ongoing and open communication
  • Be engaged with the coding process to ensure language-specific accuracy
  • Ensure timely return of materials in good condition

During the analysis and dissemination phases collaborators will:

  • Use own-language data for further analysis where possible
  • Keep EoSS Office up-to-date of all dissemination activities (publications, presentations etc)
  • Where possible, attend consortium workshops and foster the development of wider projects with other consortium members


Our commitments

  • Provide rationale and framework for the project
  • Provide materials and instructions for running the experiment and processing the data
  • Provide funds for experimental participants
  • Provide funds for transcribing and coding of data
  • Provide timely support during the implementation of the data collection and coding
  • Provide processed, standardised, formatted version of your data for your own use
  • Provide bibliographic information if sought
  • Organise workshops and publication outlets for dissemination of ideas
  • Provide assistance with troubleshooting and direction.



  • Official collaboration status with the Max Planck Society
  • Presence on EoSS website
  • Contribution to publications as EoSS Consortium member
  • Use of own-language data in perpetuity
  • Exclusive access to complete project data set for three years, after which the data will become public.
  • Establishment in large Eurasian research network.

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