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Harold Bekkering Biosketch

Harold Bekkering (1965) is Professor in Cognitive Psychology at the Radboud University Nijmegen since 2002. Before he worked at Universities in Maastricht, St. Louis (USA) and Groningen, and he was a senior scientist at the Max-Planck-Institute for Psychological Research in Munich (Germany). His research interest cover the fields of Developmental and Cognitive Psychology, Cognitive Neuroscience and the implementation of Cognition in Robotics with a special focus on the “Neurocognitive mechanisms and Development of Social Interaction” and “Embodied Cognition”. He is PI of the Action and Neurocognition Group at the Donders Centre for Cognition and co-authored more than 130 peer-reviewed papers in journals like Science, Nature, Nature Neuroscience and in the most prominent Developmental and Cognitive Psychology journals. He has received prestigious national (VICI) and international grants and among others he coordinated a successful Integrated Project in the FP6 EU-framework. At the moment, he is the Chair of the Board of Directors of the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour.

Recent key-publications by Harold Bekkering:

1.    Ondobaka S., De Lange F.P., Newman-Norlund R.D., Wiemers M., & Bekkering H. (2012). Interplay between action and movement intentions during social interaction. Psychological Science, 23(1), 30-5.

2.    Rueschemeyer, S.-A., Rooij, D., Van Lindemann, O., Willems, R., & Bekkering, H. (2010). The Function of Words: Distinct neural correlates for words denoting differently manipulable objects. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 22, 8, 1844-1851.

3.    Newman-Norlund, R.D., Van Schie, H.T., Van Zuijlen, A.M., Bekkering, H. (2007). The mirror neuron system is more active during complementary compared with imitative action. Nature Neuroscience, 10(7), 817-8.

4.    Van Schie, H.T., Mars, R.B., Coles, M.G.H., & Bekkering, H. (2004). Modulation of activity in medial frontal and motor cortices during error observation. Nature Neuroscience, 7, 549-54.

5.    Gergely, G., Bekkering, H., & Király, I. (2002). Rational imitation of goal-directed actions in 14-month-olds. Nature, 415, 755.

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