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Information structure lecture series 2007 -

Abstract Kruijff-Korbayová

Information structure (IS) concerns structural and semantic properties of utterances reflecting their communicative intentions in relation to discourse context.  Among the means to realize IS in many languages are word order, intonation and marked syntactic constructions, although languages differ in how they employ them.  Modeling these phenomena and their interaction in the grammar requires understanding IS and its role in discourse. IS is therefore an important aspect of meaning that computational models of discourse processing need to take into account.

I will present work from several projects where we used IS to motivate word order and intonation decisions in the generation of written text and spoken dialogue output in practical systems.  We employed insights from various theories of IS (the Prague School approach, Halliday's and Steedman's work) applied to Czech, English and German.  Although the implementation required simplification of the theoretical concepts, measurable improvements of system output naturalness have been achieved.

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