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Information structure lecture series 2007 -

Abstract Schliesser

While the acoustic properties of contrast and sentence mode are very well examined for a number of languages, systematic investigations of L2 prosody production are extremely limited. And yet, there is no speech production model that would provide testable predictions for L2 prosodic patterns.

I will present a comparison of the correlates of corrective contrast in statements and follow-up echo-questions in English spoken by English native speakers, German spoken by German native speakers, and English spoken by German native speakers.

Results show an apparent simultaneous use of both, the native and the target-language prosodic patterns for prosodic encoding of contrast and question-mode in L2 speech.These findings may be interpreted as bi-directional interferences, but this view is not fully conclusive. So, a recourse on universals, like the "Biological Codes" (Gussenhoven, 2002, 2004) should be considered.

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