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Information day on the actual state of the discussion and the scheduled work of the CLARIN technical infrastructure project.


This information day is meant to present in short form the actual state of the discussion and the scheduled work so that interested people can quickly take up and get an idea where CLARIN is with respect to the technical infrastructure. The presentation style will be interactive, i.e. some slides and where possible some demos will be used to guide through the topics. We do not intend to have comprehensive slides, but we will record the sessions and make the recordings available via the web-site. Since this event was organized on short-term based on a request from CLARIN NL, we did not ask external people to act as speakers to keep the overhead low. At the end of each topic there will be a short intro telling how this could effect concrete proposals.



Link to the CLARIN-NL website, where you can find the Workshop presentations more >

Where and when:
09:00-17:00 Jul 1, 2009
Nijmegen, room 163
Peter Wittenburg
Dieter van Uytvanck
Peter Wittenburg

Street address
Wundtlaan 1
6525 XD Nijmegen
The Netherlands

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P.O. Box 310
6500 AH Nijmegen
The Netherlands

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Public Outreach Officer
Marjolein Scherphuis