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The dynamics of multilingual processing -


The Dynamics of Multilingual Processing


This project (funded by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research 2003-2007) studies the processing of second and third languages (L2+) during first contact, during acquisition, and at the level of high proficiency or functional bilingualism. We ask: How does the representation of a new language develop and then co-exist with the representations of other languages in the mind and brain of an individual? What role does the language input play in shaping the representations of a new language? How does processing of grammar and morphology become fast and efficient in fluent bilinguals? How do co-existing language systems influence each other? We explore these questions using different methodologies, ranging from reaction time experiments to gesture analysis. Neuroimaging work on L2+ processing (fMRI, ERP) is conducted at the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour: Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging.



The various subprojects can be divided into three groups:


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