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Technology in ECHO

Technology issues are one of the four main pillars of ECHO. Technology is dealt with at various layers: (1) It is natural part of the AGORA discussions, in particular between specialists from the humanities disciplines and technology; (2) It is part of the content provision work in so far that the content providers use tools and have to integrate their resources into a browsable and searchable domain; (3) It is subject of the Infrastructure and Tools work package. The following diagram describes the interaction between these ECHO layers.

Technology in ECHO

The content provision teams will use the already existing tools, but also receive new versions created within the ECHO framework. They will discuss with the developers about the usage of the tools, their errors and useful extensions. They will use the AGORA to discuss the requirements and visions of the discipline. The technologists will interact amongst themselves to meet the goals, interact with the content providers about the emerging tools and how to use them. They also will use the AGORA to present the state of the art in technology and their visions about how technology will develop. Further, they will listen to the requirements from the disciplines to extract roadmaps for future developments.

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