Minds, Mechanisms and Interaction in the Evolution of Language -


Development and Deployment

Parallel Development and Deployment:

We recognize that our students (much like the organisers) will have varied degrees of expertise with all of the topics being covered. Attached to that, we recognize that everyone has their own preferred development environments. As such, wherever possible we will be offering parallel code for all of our tasks in multiple environments. Below, you can see a list of the environments that our tutorial will support for each topic- in all cases the environment in bold will be the one that we cover directly in the tutorial- other environments will be covered in the supporting documentation.

Experiment Design: Covered with R, Python, Javascript

Experiment Deployment: Covered with Python, Javascript (jsPsych), Presentation

Statistical Analysis: Covered with R, Python

Bayesian Computational Modelling: Covered with Python


Suggested Software:

Strictly speaking, participation in this workshop will not require any software. However, you will gain much more from your participation if you follow along with the exercises on your own computer, rather than simply trying to follow the slideshows presented on screen. Thus, we suggest you have access to the following resources:

R Project for Statistical Computing and R Studio

Python 2.7 and Spyder (as part of Anaconda)


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