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Complete list of Nijmegen Lectures since 1982

2018 (February)  Elena Lieven - Understanding how children learn language: What progress has been made since 1965?

2017 Gary Dell - Language production: Lessons from Freud, rats, and connectionism

2016 David Poeppel - (Un) conventional wisdom: Three neurobiological provocations about brain and language

2015 Susan Carey & Elizabeth Spelke - The Origin of Abstract Thought

2014 Russel Gray - No miracles! A Darwinian view of the evolution of cognition, language and culture

2013 Willem J.M. Levelt - On the Pre-Chomskyan History of Psycholinguistics

2012 Nicholas Evans - Coevolutionary linguistics: Diversity, culture, mind and history

2010 Aniruddh D. Patel - Music, language, and the brain

2009 Morten Christiansen - Understanding language across multiple timescales: Evolution, acquisition and processing

2008 Simon Fisher and Gary Marcus - The nature and origins of language: A genetic perspective

2007 Adele Goldberg - Constructions and the nature of generalization in language

2006 Paul Bloom - Bodies and souls

2005 Núria Sebastián–Gallés - Babelians

2004 Susan Goldin–Meadow - The many faces of gesture

2003 Joan Bresnan - Categoricity and Gradience in Syntax

2002 Michael Tomasello - Evolutionary Psychology and Primate Cognition

2001 Karen Emmorey - Language, cognition and the brain: Insights from sign language research

2000 Terrence D. Deacon - Beneath linguistics: Language as a complex coevolutionary phenomenon

1999 Patricia Kuhl - Language and the Brain: Mechanisms and developmental Change

1998 William Labov - Linguistic change: Some solved and unsolved problems

1997 Michael Tanenhaus - Real–time language comprehension with natural tasks: A constraint–based perspective

1995 Alan Prince and Jane Grimshaw - Optimality Theory

1994 Lila Gleitman - Some lexical structures and their acquisition

1993 Charles Fillmore - Syntax and Semantics: A constructive perspective

1992 Michael Posner - A cognitive neuroscience approach to mental processing

1991 James McClelland - The mechanisms of language and cognition: A parallel distributed processing approach

1990 Philip Lieberman - The evolution of language and cognition

1989 Ray Jackendoff - On Foundations of cognitive science

1988 Stephen C. Levinson - Lectures on generalized conversational implicature

1987 Howard Poizner - Sign language, aphasia and apraxia

1986 Jerry Fodor - Philosophical and psycholinguistic issues concerning the architecture of the mind

*1986 Janet Dean Fodor and Gerald Gazdar - Generalized phrase structure grammar

1985 John Gumperz and Jenny Cook-Gumperz - Topics in Sociolinguistics

1984 Steven Pinker - Language learnability and language development

1983 Barbara Hall Partee - Formal Semantics

*1983 Albert Galaburda - The anatomy of brain structures necessary to the support of the human linguistic capacity

1982 Patricia Carpenter and Marcel Just - Eye movements and lexical processes

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