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MPI colloquium series

The formal colloquium series is the main ongoing lecture series for speakers from outside the Institute, and is intended to be of interest to members of the entire Institute. Formal colloquia take place eight times per year, once per month except in the month of the Nijmegen Lectures (January or February) and in July and August. Formal colloquium speakers are well known in their fields, and work in a variety of areas of interest to members of the Institute, such as language production, language perception, first and second language acquisition, formal linguistics, phonology, neurocognition of language, language and cognition, and linguistic anthropology. Formal colloquia are open to the public, and are often attended by members of the psycholinguistics community from outside the Institute. The colloquia always begin at 3:45 PM, and are most often held on the third Tuesday of the month in room 163 of the Institute. Colloquia are followed by a reception at the Institute, and then by a dinner with the speaker. For further information about formal colloquia, contact Else Eising (, Rebecca Frost (, Markus Ostarek ( and Alastair Smith (, the current members of the colloquium committee.

Titles and exact dates of later speakers will be announced as they become available. All colloquia begin at 3:45 PM, and are held in Room 163 of the Institute.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, lectures can be canceled at short notice. It is therefore advisable to confirm dates by telephone: +31 24 352 1911.

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