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Decoding the Neurobiology of Synaesthesia

The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences cordially invites scholars to the Academy Colloquium Decoding the Neurobiology of Synaesthesia.

Registration is open until 15 January 2015 for two events on ‘Decoding the Neurobiology of Synaesthesia’ taking place in Amsterdam in March 2015, organized by the MPI Language and Genetics Department with support from the Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences (KNAW). Senior researchers are invited to a Colloquium on 19-20 March that will bring together leading synaesthesia researchers from neurobiology, cognitive psychology, and genetics for a mix of lectures and round-table discussions, to critically evaluate the known biological aspects of synaesthesia and to debate the scientific questions that can be answered by studying this phenomenon. Young researchers, PhD and MSc students with an interest in synaesthesia, cross-modal perception, multisensory integration, sound symbolism and related topics are invited to join a Masterclass on 18 March.

Full details and registration are available at the KNAW website.

Where and when:
Mar 18-20, 2015
KNAW, Amsterdam
Important deadlines:
Registration via the KNAW website by 15 January 2015
Prof. Dr. Simon E. Fisher
Dr. Katerina S. Kucera
Dr. Sarah Graham
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