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Practical information

The workshop will take place at the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, room 163.


Information for presenters

Invited talks are allotted 45 minute timeslots (35 mins for the presentation, followed by 10 mins for questions and discussion).

Oral presentations are allotted 20 minute timeslots (15 mins for the presentation + 5 mins for discussion).

There is a (windows) computer in the conference room; presentations can be uploaded to this computer with a USB stick.

Posters can be displayed in either landscape or portrait format and they should be on A0 paper size. Unfortunately we cannot offer onsite printing.


Restaurants (within 10min walking distance)

MPI Canteen (MPI building, ground floor): Serves sandwiches, soups salads

Opening hours: Monday-Friday 8:30-14:00. MPI canteen will also be open during the second day of the workshop.

Restaurant De Refter (Erasmusplein 3): Serves various dairy products, bread, juices and hot meals

Opening hours: Monday-Thursday: 08:30 -19:00 and Friday 08:30-14:00

Douwe Egberts (DE) Café (Montessorilaan 3): Serves coffee, tea, cold drinks, and snacks

Opening hours: Monday-Thursday 09:00-18:30 and Friday 09:00-15:00



Travel information

How to get to Nijmegen:

By plane:

The international airport in the Netherlands is Schiphol, Amsterdam. From the airport every 30 minutes a direct train leaves for Nijmegen, the journey takes 1,5 hours (plan your journey here)

The international airports in Germany closest to Nijmegen are Düsseldorf Airport and Weeze Airport. From Düsseldorf Airport every 2 hours a train leaves for Nijmegen (change in Duisburg and Arnhem). From Weeze Airport a shuttle bus leaves for Nijmegen.

By international train:

The most efficient way from Germany is to take the international line from Cologne/Düsseldorf to Amsterdam as far as Arnhem. Here you will find a direct connection to Nijmegen.

From Hannover/Osnabrück, you change trains in Deventer.

From France or Belgium, you change trains in Roosendaal for direct connections to Nijmegen.

Links: Schiphol Airport
Düsseldorf Airport
Weeze Airport
Nederlandse Spoorwegen (Dutch Railways)
Deutsche Bahn (German Railways)

For a full schedule of your trip in the Netherlands by bus and/or train please check 9292 travel information.

How to get to the institute:

 By bus:

There are many direct bus lines from Nijmegen central train station to the Institute.

Please plan your trip via Bus schedule Nijmegen.

From the stops 'UMC Radboud' and 'Spinozagebouw, walk towards the Erasmuslaan and enter the Comeniuslaan, walk straight ahead and enter the small forest path in the direction of the institute. You will find the main entrance to your left.

From the stop 'Houtlaan' walk towards the St. Annastraat and turn right into the Wundtlaan driveway where there is a big sign with the institute name on it.

By taxi:

It costs approximately € 10 to get from the train station to the Institute, you can get a taxi at the taxi stand at the station. If you need a taxi from the Institute to the station, you can ask the reception to phone one for you.



Nijmegen offers several  hotels and bed & breakfasts, for example: The Mercure Hotel, Belvoir, De Prince, Credible, Bastion Hotel, and Van der Valk Hotel in Nijmegen Lent (outside of the city center, but well connected; just across from the river De Waal). Costs are around € 80 per night.



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