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Guest Lecture by Miriam D. Lense, PhD

Simon Fisher will be hosting a visit by Miriam D. Lense, PhD. Dr. Lense is a Research Instructor at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in the Program for Music, Mind, and Society. Her current research examines the development of rhythmic entrainment in the first years of life, relationships between rhythm and social communication/engagement, musical engagement experiences in individuals with and without developmental disorders, and relationships between music and sensory processing.


Title: It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing”: Rhythm and Social Engagement in Typical Development, Autism, and Williams syndrome


Abstract: Successful social engagement relies on predictable behaviors to which individuals are sensitive from infancy. I will present results from a series of studies examining the development of rhythmic entrainment over the first years of life. I will demonstrate how individuals modulate their attention during rhythmic communication with an emphasis on infant-directed singing, and also discuss the role of visual and vocal prosodic information in this entrainment. Applications of this research for children and adults with social communication difficulties such as autism and Williams syndrome will be discussed.

Where and when:
16:00-17:00 May 8, 2018
MPI conference room 163
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