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Abstract Submission

Submissions are now closed


We invite researchers to submit abstracts for talk presentations.  Submissions should be up to 4 pages in the main conference style.  There is no need to make the submissions anonymous.

Submission templates

Submission templates are available in the following formats:

Submissions should be sent by email to the organisers: Sean Roberts ( and Gregory Mills ( 

The deadline for submission is January 15th.  If you are planning to submit, the organisers would like to be informed of your intention before this date.

If accepted, the papers will be hosted online, alongside the main conference papers.

Supplementary materials

There will be some support for supplementary materials.  All information necessary to understand and evaluate the submission should be included in the main paper.  However, authors are encouraged to make data or code available for the final publication.  All supplementary materials should be submitted within a single zip file, which should also include a readme file describing the contents.  Supplementary materials should be referenced in the main text (e.g. “see supplementary materials”).

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