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MPI Colloquium Series - 2012

Manfred Krifka, March 23

Modality (and Tense) in Daakie (Austronesian, Vanuatu)

Manfred Krifka, March 23 - Read More…

Franklin Chang, March 20

Linking acquisition, production, and comprehension

Franklin Chang, March 20 - Read More…

James S. Magnuson, April 24

A time-invariant connectionist model of spoken word recognition

James S. Magnuson, April 24 - Read More…

Iris Sommer, May 22

Where the voices come from; and how to get rid of them

Iris Sommer, May 22 - Read More…

Evelina Fedorenko, September 18

A novel framework for a neural architecture of language

Evelina Fedorenko, September 18 - Read More…

Mitsuhiko Ota, October 23

Phonology and the lexicon in early language development

Mitsuhiko Ota, October 23 - Read More…

Ghislaine Dehaene-Lambertz, November 15

Nature and Nurture in language acquisition: Anatomical and functional brain-imaging studies in infants

Ghislaine Dehaene-Lambertz, November 15 - Read More…

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