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Matthew Lambon-Ralph, January 24

Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience
The University of Manchester, United Kingdom

Mapping and modelling semantic cognition and its disorders

Semantic cognition (semantically-driven behaviour) is a crucial element in verbal and nonverbal activities. Many different neurological disorders generate semantic impairment as a result of damage to one or more aspects of semantic cognition, including representation, control and access. Using convergent clinical and basic neuroscience methods (including neuropsychology, computational modelling, functional and structural neuroimaging, TMS, etc.) we are beginning to map out the various neural networks that underpin these various aspects of conceptual processing and how they are impaired in different patient groups.

Where and when:
15:45-17:00 Jan 24, 2012
Conference Room 163, MPI Nijmegen

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Wundtlaan 1
6525 XD Nijmegen
The Netherlands

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The Netherlands

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Marjolein Scherphuis