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Mitsuhiko Ota, October 23

Phonology and the lexicon in early language development


Mitsuhiko Ota
University of Edinburgh

In language acquisition research, phonological and lexical development are often treated as independent processes. When phonological patterns are learned, they are assumed to be generalizable across all known words as well as novel ones. When words are learned, they are assumed to be unconstrained by the phonological characteristics of the lexical items. In this talk, I will present two cases where these assumptions are not met. The first relates to the lexical variability found in children's production of the same phonological forms. The second case relates to the influence of the phonological features of 'baby-talk words' (lexical substitutions in infant-directed speech such as 'tummy' and 'choo-choo' for 'stomach' and 'train') on children's lexical development. Based on these studies, I will discuss the interactive nature of phonological and lexical development.

Where and when:
15:45-17:00 Oct 23, 2012
MPI Nijmegen, Rm 163

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