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Herbert H. Clark, 16 April, 2013

Depicting as part of spontaneous communication

Herbert H. Clark
Stanford University

In scientific studies since Wundt, communication has been divided into
speech and gesture, or verbal and nonverbal communication. Yet in
literary studies since Plato, it has been divided into describing and
depicting (Plato’s diegesis and mimesis), categories that cut across
speech and gesture. Whereas the first division is by modality, the
second is by method. I will argue that we have much to gain from
investigating communication by method instead of modality. To make this
case, I will concentrate on depicting. I will show how it arises in
everyday discourse both on its own and combined with describing. And I
will show how it is fundamentally different from describing in the way
it works both pragmatically and psychologically.

Where and when:
15:45-17:00 Apr 16, 2013
MPI Room 163
Leonie Sloot,

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