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MPI Colloquium Series - 2014

MPI Colloquium Series - 2014
Ray Jackendoff, Tuesday, February 18
Aligning linguistics and psycholinguistics: The Parallel Architecture and theories of language processing
Pienie Zwitserlood, Monday, March 24
Behavioural and neural correlates of learning novel words
CANCELLED! Marco Catani, Tuesday, April 15
Due to unforeseen circumstances, this lecture is cancelled.
Balthasar Bickel, Tuesday, May 20
Rethinking Universals of Language
Marco Catani, Tuesday, June 24
From tractography to neuropragmatics
Larry Barsalou, Tuesday, September 23
Situating Emotion
Christian Kell, Tuesday, October 21
Cortical dynamics and subcortical-cortical interactions underlying speech (re-)production
Merideth Gattis, Tuesday, November 18
The Active Child and Early Language Development
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