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Marco Catani, Tuesday, June 24

From tractography to neuropragmatics

Marco Catani
King's College London, University of London


Brain connectivity implements a system for language and communication that spans from basic pre-linguistic social abilities shared with non-human primates to syntactic and pragmatic functions exclusive of our species. The arcuate fasciculus is a central bundle in this architecture, connecting regions devoted to structural aspects of language with regions involved in intentional and social aspects of communication. In addition to the arcuate fasciculus other tracts have been recently described and their role in language is currently under intense investigation. In this presentation I will explain basic principles of diffusion tractography and will review some of the studies that used this method to understand the anatomy of language. In the second part I will introduce a model based on tactography that could explain evolution and development of social communication and language.

Where and when:
15:45-17:00 Jun 24, 2014
MPI, colloquium room 163

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