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Christian Kell, Tuesday, October 21

Cortical dynamics and subcortical-cortical interactions underlying speech (re-)production

Christian A. Kell
Cognitive Neuroscience Group
Department of Neurology, Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany

Speech is highly temporally and spectrally structured. Evidence is accumulating that there is a tight correspondence between physical properties of the speech signal and  neocortical activity on multiple temporal scales. In speech perception, this could at least partly be due to evoked activity. I will present spectrotemporal dynamics of the left perisylvian cortex during sentence repetition that carry information also during verbal working memory maintenance and speech production. Our ECog data suggest neural information coding in the temporal domain.
Speaking requires interactions between cortical sensorimotor representations and subcortical structures. Based on an imaging genetics study I will outline how dopaminergic signalling could affect specific cortico-subcortical loops involved in speech production. I will conclude that dopamine may gate temporal integration during speech processing by facilitating frontostriatal interactions.

Where and when:
15:45-17:00 Oct 21, 2014
MPI Colloquium Room

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