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Kate Watkins, Tuesday September 15

Neurological abnormalities in speech fluency disorders

Kate Watkins
University of Oxford


Developmental stuttering affects one in twenty children and persists to adulthood in one in a hundred.  The characteristic dysfluencies that occur in developmental stuttering can be alleviated by singing, external cueing, changing the way speech is produced and changing auditory feedback.  Genes associated with stuttering have been identified but the underlying neurobiological impairment remains elusive.  Theoretical models concerning the neural basis of developmental stuttering have implicated a number of potential causes including: atypical language dominance, impaired sensorimotor integration, and dysfunction in basal ganglia circuits.  I will discuss the support for each of these models using findings from brain imaging studies of stuttering, which have implicated abnormal white matter structure, overactivity in the right hemisphere and under-activity in sensory cortex in the brains of people who stutter.  I will also discuss the differences and similarities in the patterns of brain activity during speech production that exist in stuttering and in another little known fluency disorder, known as cluttering.








Where and when:
15:45-17:00 Sep 15, 2015
MPI Conference room 163
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