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Mairead MacSweeney, Tuesday December 1

Reading a language you can't hear: The relationship between speechreading and reading in deaf children

Mairéad MacSweeney
Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, University College London

Longitudinal studies have provided evidence for the importance of speechreading (lipreading) as a predictor of variance in reading outcomes for deaf children (Kyle and Harris, 2010; 2011).  We propose a model in which speechreading provides deaf children with visual information about the sublexical structure of spoken English. On the basis of neuroimaging data we further propose that this information helps deaf children to establish amodal phonological representations which they can bring to the task of learning to read.

In this talk I will present the background data to support this model. I will also present the preliminary results from a randomised controlled trial in which we tested the influence of computerised lipreading training on reading development in young deaf children.


Where and when:
15:45-17:00 Dec 1, 2015
MPI Conference room 163
Julia Udden
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