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Sonja Kotz, Wednesday April 29

Prediction in multimodal emotional speech

Sonja A. Kotz
School of Psychological Sciences, University of Manchester &
MPI for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig   


Social interactions rely on verbal and non-verbal information sources and their interaction. Crucially, in such communicative interactions we can obtain information about the current emotional state of others. However, emotion expressions are not always clear cut or may be influenced by a specific situational context or learned knowledge. In our work on the temporal and neural correlates of multimodal emotion expressions we address a number of questions by means of ERPs, time-frequency, and fMRI studies. Within a prediction framework I will focus on the following aspects in my talk: (1) How do we integrate different verbal and non-verbal emotion expressions, (2) How does attention impact the processing of multimodal emotion expressions, (3) How do we resolve interferences between verbal and non-verbal emotion expressions?

Where and when:
15:45-17:00 Apr 29, 2015
MPI Conference room 163
Julia Udden
Shiri Lev-Ari

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