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Gareth Gaskell, Tuesday February 16



Gareth Gaskell
University of York, Department of Psychology

Decades of language research have led to the understanding that we form robust and usable representations of words essentially immediately after exposure. This view of language learning as an encoding issue has been challenged more recently by research suggesting that slower, sleep-associated consolidation processes lead to some of the properties that we expect of language we know well. Now we are getting to the point where we need a better understanding of the long and the short of language learning: what is independent of consolidation, what is dependent on consolidation, and why? In this talk I will try to address these questions. For vocabulary, I will present studies suggesting that children and adults benefit from sleep in terms of their ability to retain and use newly learned words. These effects  can be explained by a recent model of language learning and processing in which sleep facilitates systems consolidation of the representations of new vocabulary. Recent studies of grammar learning and lexical ambiguity, in which the role of sleep in retention depends on the nature of the material, suggest that this model can be further refined.

Where and when:
15:45-17:00 Feb 16, 2016
MPI Conference room 163
Shiri Lev-Ari
Julia Udden

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